A Leap into the Great Beyond

Okay, this is not really science-related, but was a big deal for me so decided to write it out anyway.

In the summer of 2013, I had just finished school. My next 3 years were already planned out; I had attained AAB at A-Level and so was heading to Queens in September to begin a degree in Biochemistry. However, what I had not planned that summer was that I would meet someone who would become one of the most important people in my life.

Fast forward 5 years and Natalie and I have been living together in a lovely apartment for just over a month. Before living together, Natalie and I would usually see each other 1-2 times a week. As I already knew from living in student accommodation, you learn a lot about a person when you move in with them.

Here I will chronicle the things I have learnt about my partner and myself during our first month living together.

Temperature differential

temperature differential (2).png

I like a hot shower, I do, but I draw the line at 3rd degree burns.

Sleeping Pattern

Any attempts to wake Natalie up before her alarm goes off should be considered a personal safety risk.


Coronation Street is sacred, no witty banter allowed during this time.

When watching a new movie watch out for subtle queues such as the phrase, “How much longer is this on for?”

Got Milk?

This project aims to elucidate how one individual can consume 3 litres of milk in 3 days

Clean House

Living in student accommodation, sometimes you feel like you’re the only one who cleans anything. With Natalie, it’s always a team effort and big cleaning jobs go a lot faster with 2 people.

Leave me alone Mum!

One of my motivations for moving in with Natalie was putting some space between my parents and I. Whilst I love my parents, it was time to get my own space. However I soon I found myself projecting mannerisms of my parents onto Natalie for example; making her wipe down the inside of the shower to avoid water stains (my mother always made me and my sister do this), and overreacting to her spilling some food on the sofa (channelling both my mum and dad that time). This is something I’ll have to work on.

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Personal Space:

Natalie and I have never been particularly clingy, which works nicely when living together, I can be gaming, or she can be reading / working and neither of us mind. It’s nice to still maintain our independent lives.



So far, living together has been a blast!  Sometimes I don’t know how I got by without her! (and vice-versa). Will probably update this post in 11 months time, who knows what we’ll have learnt about each other by then.

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